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Are you looking to give your personal gaming center a neat, minimalist, and ultimately uncluttered look?

Playing video games, watching movies, streaming shows, and using other cool applications, etc., what else can’t your Xbox Series S do? 

But what about after you turn the console off?

If you just wish you had a little more space and a little less clutter when your gaming center is left unorganized and things are stacked on top of your console, then this message is for you…

Fortunately, you’re not alone in this!

We’ve got an unconventional yet ultra-functional solution that would create a minimalist setup and make your space almost look like a full-on gaming museum - the perfect bracket available in Black and White for your precious Xbox Series S consoles!

Our Xbox Series S bracket is designed to perfectly fit your console without impeding airflow, allowing you to treat your gorgeous Xbox Series S like a piece of art and display it in all its glory by mounting it to a wall.

What’s more, the mount features a broad base for keeping your console stable, providing all-around protection against unwanted knocks.

Want to upgrade your living and get the most out of your Xbox Series S? You need to invest in this fantastic Xbox Series S bracket!



You have to admit that your Xbox Series S will become a glorified shelf at some point. You stack games, controllers, cords, books, etc., on top of it. But do you know that additional weight (even very little!) on top of the Xbox can cause structural damage and result in problems later down the road? They trap dust or heat and cause system overheating resulting in a shorter life for your precious console. By wall mounting your Xbox Series S, you can get rid of the pile and ensure its long life.



We have ensured our Series S Mount does not obstruct the air vents and keeps good airflow for the Xbox to ensure it does not cause overheating. Still, better yet, it actually improved ventilation as it gives the console more room to breathe away from other devices! Both Side vents and also the main top vent are unobstructed, so this will prevent any issues.



Get the clean setup you want, and clear space from shelves or the desk, and prevent damages from scratches and spills.


By using a wall mount, the placement options are ENDLESS! You can wall mount your Xbox right next to the TV to proudly display your clean, sleek gaming center or behind it for a more discreet display. You can even mount your Xbox Series S under your desk if you wish for a short reach away.



Our Xbox Series S bracket has been designed with port access in mind, and all ports are easily accessible, both on the front and the back of the Xbox. With our bracket, cable management is a breeze!

So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to free up tons of space, lose the clutter, and boost your gaming center with a sleek look, our Xbox Series S bracket is your perfect way to go!

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