Sky Q 1TB Wall Mount Bundle - Dynas

£34.99 £39.99

Sky Q 1TB Wall Mount Bundle - Dynas

Want to wall mount your Sky Q boxes? we now offer a bundle deal including the Sky Q 1TB main box wall mount, along side the Sky Q Mini wall mount for a discounted price.  Get your Sky Q boxes mounted and out of sight today!

We know many of you fellow Sky Q users have an extra Sky Q Mini box in a bedroom, so we've created a bundle deal to pass the shipping saving onto you guys.


Which Sky Q Box Wall Mount Do I Require?

We offer a full range of Sky Q Boxes so please ensure you select the correct one, if you're unsure please check the graphic below and if you're still unsure please drop us a message and we'll be more than happy to assist. 

This Bundles includes the following:

  • Sky Q 1TB Wall Mount 
  • Sky Q Mini Wall Mount

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