Sky Q Main 1TB Wall Mount - Dynas


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Sky Q 1TB Wall Mount Bracket - Dynas

Get your main Sky Q box mounted on the wall to free up cabinet space and hide all the messy wires!

Which Sky Q Box Wall Mount Do I Require?

We offer a full range of Sky Q Boxes so please ensure you select the correct one, if you're unsure please check the graphic below and if you're still unsure please drop us a message and we'll be more than happy to assist. sky q wall mount combability

For Sky Q 2TB Wall Mount: Click Here
For Sky Q Mini Wall Mount: Click Here


Remote & WiFi Friendly

Worried about your remote or WiFi not working if placed behind your TV? Worry no more as Sky Q uses Bluetooth technology so direct line of sight is not required. Our Sky Q Bracket has also been designed in a way to ensure it does not interfere with the WiFi  


Clutter Free Design

Had enough of your Sky Q box being an eye sore? why not get it hidden behind your TV and get all those messy cables out of sight, our Sky Q 1TB Wall mount solves this issue with ease and with no downsides, can be installed within minutes no special tools direct!


Sky Box Ports Accessible

As Sky users ourselves we understand these boxes can get quite hot, so we have made these brackets with this in mind and allowed for proper airflow to prevent any overheating, and EXTENDS the life of your Sky Q box

Rest assured that our Sky Q mount allows for full access to all ports and can also be mounted in multiple directions to make life simpler based on your setup with routing cables.


Sky Card Slot

We have designed the Sky mounting bracket with a slotted section that allows access to the required Sky viewing card. So you're able to enjoy your Sky services as you normally would.

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