Xbox One S & Digital Wall Mount Kit (White)- Dynas


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Xbox One S & Digital Wall Mount Kit With Controller Holders In White - Dynas

Want the full mounting solution? Get your Xbox One S/Xbox One Digital wall mounted along side your controllers for the ultimate setup and clean look! This set includes the main Xbox One Wall Mount, along side 2x Xbox One Controller holders!

The sleek design of the Xbox One S Mounting Bracket ensures the bracket is barely visible to ensure it doesn't take away from the overall design of the Xbox One S, it can be mounted in multiple directions which makes it perfect to avoid awkward cable placement and makes for ideal mounting to suit your unique needs.

Our XBOX One S mount has been designed exclusively for the Xbox One S and Xbox One Digital is a secure way to hide your console behind the TV or display put your Xbox console on display along side your wall mounted TV.

Clutter Free

Get the clean setup you want, and clear space from shelves or the desk, and prevent damages from scratches and spills.


Ports Accessible

Our Xbox One S bracket has been designed with port access in mind and all ports are easy accessible, both on the front and the back of the Xbox.

The Xbox bracket is also designed in a way that it can be mounted in direction to accommodate easy cable management.


Vents Unobstructed

We have ensured our Xbox Bracket does not obstruct the air vents, and keeps good air flow for the Xbox to ensure it does not cause overheating.

Both Side vents and also the main top vent are unobstructed so this will prevent any issues.


  • Mounts your Xbox One S or Xbox Digital to the Wall or under desk
  • Mounts 2 Controllers to the wall for the perfect setup!
  • Designed to mounted in multiple directions
  • Sleek design so that the bracket is barely visible
  • Made from robust steel & powder coated to match the PS4 Slim colour
  • Fixtures and fittings included
  • Made in the UK

What's Included?

  • Xbox One S Mounting Bracket - White
  • (2) Xbox One S Controller Holders - White
  • (6) Flat countersunk Screws
  • (6) Raw Plugs
  • (2) M4 Countersunk Screws
  • (4) screw caps
  • Instructions

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